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Change the World... the right way. One step at a time, in their shoes.

  The Atinga Project is a social enterprise that partners with Rwandan artisan-shoemakers to support the sale of their hand-crafted footwear on a global scale.  Economic conditions in countries like Rwanda and its neighbors are affected by spending decisions made daily by Western consumers - more than we realize. 



The atinga classics series are the most minimal, most profound piece of footwear we offer. Crafted from discarded tires acquired locally by the artisan-shoemakers with whom we work and partner, these sandals are not just repurposed and unique. They are symbolic. 

As a team of passionate, transforming individuals, we hope that your consideration to purchase a pair of atingas goes beyond the trendy treads and eco-friendly chic: go the distance and discover the message embodied by every pair. Tread lightly on the soles of atingas.