We could really use a Kickstart! 

...And thanks to our backers, we got one! Our campaign ended in mid-October.


The Atinga Project was in a season of start-up summer 2014, and needed the funds necessary to build inventory, work with atinga artisans to organize production, and much more. 

If you missed the opportunity to pledge via Kickstarter, supporting the project while snagging yourself a pair of atingas, don't worry! Atinga footwear will be available online and at select retailers in Spring 2015.

But you can place a pre-order here!

 Our Kickstarter page is still a great place to learn about the impact The Atinga Project creates with every sale. We're sorry you missed it, but check it out anyway! We are thankful for your business and support as this uniquely effective project becomes fully operational Spring 2015.


For those who backed Atinga on Kickstarter: Thank you!

We are currently organizing for production and will begin fulfillment as stated on the Kickstarter page. The column on the right side shows the reward tiers and delivery dates, and we will be sending out a survey via Kickstarter very soon to collect your shipping address and other information. 




Your support changes lives directly through social enterprise! We reward your spending with our giving. Thank you for your conscience choice to empower with your dollar; it will impact the local communities where atingas are made and tread upon daily.

Thank you for walking a mile with us in the shoes that give back, mile after mile. Leave a good, green treadmark wherever you go!

  Atinga Start-up Team