Spread the Tread

Atingas are the shoes that give back, mile after mile, bringing straightforward and effective development to families and communities in Rwanda, East Africa. 


 Atinga Classic One Strap

Price 28.00

 Atinga Classic Two-Strap

Price 30.00

 Atinga Classic Rama

Price 30.00


 Atinga Classic Maasai

Price 30.00


Atinga Classic Slide



Price 30.00


 Atinga Kozi

Price 32.00


 Atinga Keza

Price 36.00


 Atinga Timbi

Price 38.00


 Atinga Trail

Price 40.00





Whether you choose a fixed-strap model or lace, each variety maintains their unique quality, and hand-made look and feel. Due to our current stage of development, our team of artisan-shoemakers offer atingas just as they are on the local market.

Therefore, we are now requiring a custom fit order for all atinga classic models with fixed straps. Taking just five or ten minutes to measure your foot height helps to ensure your online order is a success!


Price: 12.00 - 20.00


Price: 1.00 - 2.00

 Made from recycled shipping carton straps, these baskets are just as durable as atinga footwear, and serve as great totes for groceries, gardening ware, trips to the beach, and more. 

All the baskets are hand-woven by the women in one of the communities where Atinga works, coordinated by Mama Keriya.


 Wristbands are simple yet symbolic, representing authentic solidarity and best worn when walking a mile in their shoes.

Made by Mama Keriya (pictured with Jean, above) from recycled-tire byproduct. Just a dollar with purchase; two dollars if you desire to show your support without a pair of atingas. We recommend the former!


 Tread for change with the AP and place an order to spread the tread today. 


As pictured below, many more varieties are available... at our Rwanda location.  Our Project's offering and styles can only grow with your business. Your support opposes many forms of poverty and prejudice, as both continue to pervade our societies today, at home and abroad.