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Just in time for our summer 2016 season, our 2015 Annual Report is now released publicly. Thanks to all our supporters who continue to choose to walk a mile in their shoes. Spread the tread with us!

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As of this weekend, it's officially Fall! We spent part of last week crunching numbers to calculate this summer's social impact and the other part of the week aligned with our core value of REST!

Now that our final analysis is complete, we are so excited to announce the impact of those who chose to walk a mile in their shoes this summer and‪ with us:

Our Dividend for Development for 2015 is based on our TOTAL sales before any expenses like fees or taxes. That number was $6,980. The D4D is 30% of that number - that's $2,100. Divided evenly among our team in Rwanda, that's $350 per artisan household, or 253,750 Rwandan francs.

We determined that this amount is equivalent to about $5,885 USD on our economy. $350 USD is about half of Rwanda's median annual household income. (A concrete example: that figure alone can cover 8.5 months of rent on the Rwandan economy for a typical household).


Our Atinga Project Impact Summer 2015 mailer recently went out via Mailchimp. View it here! http://eepurl.com/bCMaiTWe...

Posted by The Atinga Project on Saturday, October 17, 2015


For a full report on The Atinga Project's 2014-2015 impact, watch our social media feeds or send your email address to ours ([email protected]), as we will be sending this information as it is completed next month.

From your summer 2015 Atinga Team (Jean, Fidele, Apollinaire, Francois, Claude, Alexis, Chris, Connor, and Emily), thank you for all your support!