Custom Fit Order Page

We are proud to offer custom arch measurements for all styles of our footwear (take note: atinga keza and atinga trail styles do not require one! Just submit a standard order for those pairs).

To customize your pair of atingas, print the custom fit form to take your arch measurement. This will allow us to provide you with the best fit possible! When finished, fill out and submit the order form below. This form counts as your full order.


If you need help with the custom measurement process, see these illustrations below

If you see this, do not fill out this input field

 **shoe sizes: "M"= men's and "W"=women's
*Have a funky big toe? The toe strap measurement is optional; recommended if your toe is exceptionally narrow or wide. (Not required if the style you select has no toe strap!)

  Custom Fit How-to:

 1) Take the custom fit strip between your finger and thumb, holding it on the "0" as close to the edge as possible. Press it to the floor.


 2) Slide your foot and/or the custom fit strip just underneath the arch of your foot. Envision a sandal sole beneath your foot. Consider the "0" as the end of the sandal strap that attaches to the sole. The custom fit strip represents the sandal strap.


 3) Stretching the strip all the way around your foot, position it comfortably from your inner-arch over the top of your foot, just as the main strap of an Atinga Classic One-strap or Two-strap travels across your foot, from one side of the sole to the other.

4) Last, carefully slide your foot away from other end of the strip, pressing firmly with your thumb/thumbnail where the strip would attach to the sole of your atinga (the floor). 
After trying twice to make sure, Colleen's left foot arch measurement was about 18.5. Because Colleen knows rubber straps are flexible, she entered 18 as her final arch measurement. We recommend Colleen's method! For a snug strap, subtract one half to one whole centimeter.
To take a toe-strap measurement (if the pair of atingas you've selected have a toe strap), simply repeat steps 2 and 3 to get an adequate measurement! 

Check both left and right feet! Though shoes and sandals are uniform, very often feet are not.

If you find you have different arches, simply enter your measurements like this: