Spread the Tread

Atingas are the shoes that give back, mile after mile, bringing straightforward and effective development to families and communities in Rwanda, East Africa. 


Atinga Trail

Atinga Timbi

Atinga Keza

 Atinga Classic Rama

 SALE $40

Reg. $44

 SALE $38

Reg. $42

 SALE $36

Reg. $40

 SALE $32



Atinga Classic Maasai



Atinga Kozi


  Atinga Classic Two-Strap


  Atinga Classic One Strap

 SALE $30

Reg. $34

 SALE $26

Reg. $30

 SALE $28

Reg. $32

 SALE $24

Reg. $28


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As pictured below, many more varieties are our Rwanda location.