Customer Impact 2016

Click here to read our December 2016 Mailchimp Impact Summary, and see our Facebook page for the week of April 3rd, 2017 for detailed posts on how each artisan family utilized the Atinga D4D for their benefit.


Customer Impact 2015

Read through this report to find out how your purchases transformed the the lives of the families with whom we partner and love.
We hope that your life is transforming too, as you continue to walk a mile in the shoes of everyone you want to help! That's right. That's dignity, honor, and humility towards all. That's Atinga.  

 For an overview of our D4D Impact: October 2015 Mailchimp Impact Summary

B Corp Impact

As a Benefit Corporation, we are required to measure and report the results of our social business activities on an annual basis. The following report is the B Lab Impact Assessment that we took at the close of 2015. 

We scored over 110 points to earn the official status of certified B Corp! (Technically, we have not purchased the official certification yet... but you can donate to help!) 

To learn more about Benefit Corporations and the movement to use business as a force for good, visit