Customer Impact Summaries

Given the right conditions, business itself has the power to lift anyone up and away from various forms of poverty. And you, as a customer with purchasing power, can participate in this.

Atinga is a business that approaches the people of developing countries with humility, honors the families with whom we do business, and upholds their dignity above all else. See below our media (embedded from 2017 posts) conveying what our Project is all about, and how each artisan family utilized one year's Atinga D4D for their benefit. 

Keep in mind, this does not include the fair trade wages paid for products produced - just our company's effective and unconditional D4D. At Atinga, to say we're pretty proud of this would be an understatement. ;)


If you are new to Atinga or just want a quick and easy way to see what sets us apart, visit our Mailchimp summary page here for our 2015 - 2017 summaries, each a two minute read. 






Customer Impact 2015 - 2017

Read through the below report to find out how your purchases transform the the lives of the families with whom we partner and love, in detail.
We hope that your life is transforming too, as you continue to walk a mile in the shoes of everyone you want to help! That's right. That's dignity, honor, and humility towards all. That's Atinga.  

 For an overview of our D4D Impact: October 2015 Mailchimp Impact Summary

B Corp Impact

As a Benefit Corporation, we are required to measure and report the results of our social business activities on an annual basis. The following report is the B Lab Impact Assessment that we took at the close of 2015. 

We scored over 110 points to earn the official status of certified B Corp! (Technically, we have not purchased the official certification yet... but you can donate to help!) 

To learn more about Benefit Corporations and the movement to use business as a force for good, visit