Nsekuye Jean Bosco has a diploma in Computer Science and Management and graduates in 2017 with a business degree concentrating in supply chain logistics. He is single, 27 years old, and Rwandese by nationality. Living in Kigali Rwanda, Jean formerly worked doing administrative work with missionaries and other organizations, which led to his scholarship to Kigali Institute of Management. He has studied there while also organizing supply for The Atinga Project. 

Jean and Chris met in Rwanda in 2011 when a local family connected them during Chris's internship in Rwamagana. Though continents apart, they remain close friends, and now business partners. Jean's story and faith in God continue to inspire Chris, and many others.


Chris is a graduate of 2012 Houghton College with an Intercultural Studies/Int'l Dev. degree and also a WNY AmeriCorps Alum who served with the refugee population on Buffalo's West Side. Following a transformative study abroad semester with GO ED. in Rwanda, he and his friend/classmate Nabintu Princesse first conceptualized Atinga in Spring 2012. Nabintu, of the Congolese diaspora, remains an honorary co-founder of Atinga for her research and work developing the project in 2012 and early 2013.